JOSEF-PETER RÖMER was born in Dohna, Germany (at that time, East Germany). He showed an early interest in art, winning awards from grade school in Germany and in junior high school after being adopted and immigrating to the United States. At the age of seventeen he joined the United States Marine Corps. He served four years in the infantry, including a tours in Vietnam where he was wounded in combat action.


After completing his military obligation, Römer enrolled at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, in the Fine Arts program, graduating in 1975. During his last year in school he landed a trainee job as an illustrator-animator for PBS under the tutelage of Robert Stocking, a graduate of Chinouard Art Institute in Los Angeles, California. For the next ten years he worked as an illustrator, draftsman and animator, painting part time when time allowed. As the years went by, Römer won many awards for his artwork.


In 1989 he was offered a position as an artist for the entertainment industry in Germany where he spent the next nine years both painting and studying sculpting with the German sculptor, Ludwig Seibert.


In 1998 he returned to the United States and opened a studio in southern California concentrating on his painting. 


In 2010 he moved to the State of Wisconsin, where he opened in his Studio and continues to paint.


Mr. Römer/Roemer is a member of the following professional art organizations.

Sächsischer Künstlerbund e.V
. Dresden, Germany - Elected 

Wisconsin Visual Artists, Wisconsin,  USA

American Artists Professional League, New York City - Elected Member

Artists Equity, New York City, NY

Kunstverein Sächsische Schweiz e.V., Germany



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